Fire Protection & Safety Services

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Executive Summary

This long-established Company provides award winning fire safety products and services to customers (over 4,000 unique customers annually) in the commercial, industrial and contracting markets.  In support of customer requirements for complying with state and municipal codes, the company offers service and distribution of fire extinguishers, cabinets, pre-engineered and engineered special hazard fire suppression systems, emergency and exit lighting, fire hoses, brass goods, first aid and training

Sales are generated through the company’s decades long reputation for providing the highest quality services and “live voice” customer responsiveness to a diverse customer base.   Operating in an area of high population density with a substantial base of commercial and industrial businesses, the company sees strength in all service segments and estimates current market share at only 5%.  The Company does not advertise for new business and deliberately takes new clients through word-of-mouth referral only.  A significant opportunity exists in bundling services as the Company’s pricing for this work is very competitive.

Financial Information
Financial Metrics
2020 2021 2022 2023E
Gross Sales $908,071 $1,003,673 $1,294,597 $1,500,000
$255,428 $350,000
EBITDAS: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization and Owners Salary.
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Open to Offer

All the furniture, fixtures and equipment used in the business will be included in the sale free and clear of all liens. A list of major items is included in the complete profile of this Company.

Also included in the price will be net working capital of $TBD.  Net working capital is defined as accounts receivable and inventory less accounts payable.

Cash in the bank is specifically excluded from this sale and will be retained by the seller.

Other Information
Northern Illinois
Ownership Type
S Corporation

3,000 sq. ft. free standing building with modern office and organized shop with indoor parking for service vehicles.


12 full time, non union

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM 24/7/365 emergency services via live voice managers.

The owner will assist the buyer during a customary transition period