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We provide articles and news that may be of interest and shed light on relevant issues, trends and solutions to navigating the M&A process. Our goal is to help both the buyer and seller with best practices in the sale of privately held companies.
Resource Description
Phones are ringing again in business brokers' offices

Crain’s Chicago Business article featuring M&A Connect and Bud Martin on selling privately held companies

3 Deal Killers to Avoid When Selling Your Business

Article discusses some common pitfalls to avoid when selling a business.

3 Valuation Methods and When to Use Them

This article discusses 3 methods of valuation: (1) asset-based, (2) income-based, and (3) market comparable. 

How to Protect Company Secrets During Merger Talks

This article discusses how to protect yourself from exposing your company's secrets when you put your company up for sale.

Selling Your Buiness is not a DIY Project

This Inc. article outlines some of the risks to trying to sell your business on your own and how working with a good M&A specialist could help you avoid them.

Negotiating Basic Deal Terms

Article gives advice inspired by the practices of Warren Buffett on the best way to negotiate deal terms. 

2010 Ink Magazine Business Valuation Guide

Annually, Inc. Magazine publishes a guide to the latest information and trends on business valuations.

Guide to business valuation

Inc. Magazine provides an in depth review of the methods available to business owners to determine the value of their business.

Article on SBA Loans

Entrepreneur.com guide to different types of SBA loans that a small business may be able to utilize. The article details the various loan programs that are availalble and gives a summary of the important features and limitations of each.