Who We Are

M&A Connect assists the owners of privately held corporations in the selling process.  With extensive experience in the U.S. mergers and acquisitions market, both buyer and seller can be confident that the transaction will be handled professionally.


Our Mission

  • We will protect confidentiality so that the seller's customers and competitors are unaware of the sale until the transaction closes.
  • We will expand the pool of qualified domestic and foreign buyers to create a competitive sale process that favors the selling client's negotiating position. 
  • We will protect the seller from inquiries by unqualified buyers so that the selling client can concentrate on running his or her business.

What Makes Us Different

  • We place high value on referral business, and we encourage you to speak to our satisfied former clients.
  • Our business is helping the owners of privately held companies in the selling process, period.  This is all we do.  
  • Our business valuations are based on our years of experience selling privately held companies.  
  • We provide guidance on positioning your company for a sale, even if you are several years away from going to market.
  • We coordinate, as required, the activities of the other professionals, such as legal counsel and accountants to complete the actions necessary to close the transaction.