Gasket & Seals Manufacturer

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Executive Summary

This Midwestern US Company manufactures encapsulated Gaskets and O-Rings and has a proprietary process in a broad range of sizes for challenging chemical and temperature applications.  Unique capabilities and decades of innovation include complete inhouse manufacturing for short delivery schedules with stocking services to customers in the filtration, hydraulics and pharmaceutical industries, among others.  The proprietary products are engineered for mechanical strength and wear resistance to solve for customers demanding sealing environments.

Sales are generated primarily through word-of-mouth referral due to the company’s nearly 50-year reputation for providing high quality manufacturing solutions to an impressive customer base.  Product consistency and wear resistance technology are in demand and are unique capabilities of the Company.  Marketing these advantages to new and existing customers is a significant opportunity.  The Company currently sees strength in all industry segments as consumer demand exceeds expectations and customers look to have better supply chain stability.

Financial Information
Financial Metrics
2019 2020 2021 2022
Gross Sales $5,000,486 $4,065,488 $4,556,225 $5,048,118
EBITDA $404,465 $313,903 $476,331 $1,211,466
EBITDA: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization
Deal Structure
Open to Offer

All the furniture, fixtures and equipment used in the business will be included in the sale free and clear of all liens. A complete equipment list will be provided to buyers pre LOI.

Also included in the price will be net working capital of $TBD.  Net working capital is defined as accounts receivable and inventory less accounts payable. Below figures are from 12/31/22 balance sheet:

Cash in the bank is specifically excluded from this sale and will be retained by the seller.

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Ownership Type
S Corporation

50 non-union

The owner will assist the buyer during a customary transition period.