Precision Gear Manufacturer

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The Company is a long-established, customer focused provider of quality gears, gearboxes and high-speed spindles to customers in heavy equipment, machine tool, machine automation/robotics, material handling, systems and maritime defense, among others.  In support of customer engineering and manufacturing requirements, the Company provides a full suite of testing and analysis including balance, vibration, element and metallurgical testing. Having a niche in medium to large gears, the Company expects demand in automation and robotics, mining, power and agricultural equipment.


Sales are generated entirely by word of mouth from satisfied customers.  The Company’s penchant for tackling challenging work along with quality and prompt delivery drive repeat business. Operating with a wide array of sophisticated, modern equipment, the Company sees strength with customers requiring demanding tolerances and complex work. A significant opportunity exists in implementing a marketing program, as there is no sales efforts currently, especially with customers who are looking to simplify their supply chain exposure.

This is expected to be an excellent opportunity for a strategic buyer with complementary services looking to add capabilities or as an add-on for geographical fit.

Financial Information
Financial Metrics
Financial Information
2021 2020 2019 2018
Gross Sales $2,759,631 $2,042,980 $2,359,591 $2,883,652
EBITDA $503,152 $30,842 $381,773 $558,953
EBITDA: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization

All the furniture, fixtures and equipment used in the business will be included in the sale free and clear of all liens. A list of major items is included in the complete profile of this Company.

2021 year end working capital of $568,476 is not included in the selling priceNet working capital is defined as accounts receivable and inventory less accounts payable.

Cash in the bank is specifically excluded from this sale and will be retained by the seller.

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Western Great Lakes
Ownership Type
S Corporation

35,000 sq. ft. on 2.5 acres.  Additional acreage is available for expansion.


9 full time, non union

The owner wishes to retire.